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Vokogawa WT333 can I measure harmonics and single values at same time



I got a Yokogawa WT333 power meter with /G5 option. There are 2 vis, fetch harmonics and fetch normal. The meter seems to have different registers that are then queried. Single values and multiple. So can I put the fetch harmonics and fetch normal in one vi, seems it switches the mode of the meter then. Plus it seems to take about 1.5 s to pull the values of the harmonics out. But I need to measure powers as well. Other option would be, the first values in the harmonics have current, phase angle and voltage, so I would have to calculate the rest.






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ok, I got it to work. The only question left, where is I,1? U,2 is there twice. I only need the first 5 odd harmonics, so initialise the meter that way and its reading a couple times per second.

There is a setting, how long the list is going to be. Reading 9 lists each 50 values stretches the data rate to its limits, now its 9x5 values. See image for explanation

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I have worked with Yokogawa WT230, 500, and 1600 series and understand the 300 series is basically a WT230 with the accuracy of a WT500 series, we demoed a 333 but decided against it because it is more like the WT230 than a WT500 in the fact that there is only one "meter" that is multiplexed between the three elements, and the 500 series is actually three independent "meters" inside.  


Anyway as you see harmonic and "normal" measurements are two different operating modes so you can not measure them both at the same time. (Although wouldn't the fundamental frequency measurements in the harmonic series be the same as the readings taken in "normal" mode?)


But to answer your last question I need to see your code, not the front panel, and please not a picture of your code but the actual VI's 

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well too late now, we got the WT333 and its no longer been produced. Yokogawa support and sales handball me around, its been sold, so why worr.

I attached the VIs. I guess if I average I,2 and i,3 , same as U 1-3 harmonics will do. Just weird where I,1 went.

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