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Vision acquisition + web cam + fps problem

I want to make an image processing by the help of labview vision. Therefore, i am using "lenovo easy camera".

Normally, i can get 30 fps from my web cam, but this value is decreasing to 8 fps while using labview. What could be wrong with my vi? Can you help me?





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Hi sfh1, 


It looks like you are doing some image processing inside the same loop that you are acquiring.  Any additional processing that you put in acquisition loop will cause the acquisition to slow down.  It might be useful to benchmark the different pieces of code inside your loop to see which part is causing the largest slowdown.  Here is another forum post from tst that illustrates how to benchmark (test the execution speed):


Community Nugget 05/27/2009


The speed of the analysis/processing code will also depend on the power of your computer, so keep that in mind!

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