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Vision : Scale of the image

HI , i am a vision begineer.
i have a difficult problem that i don't
know how to solve in my application.
i need to use pattern matching for
searching some logo , but i can't use this
to search for some increasing or decreasing size  logo ( as the size of receiving image is not fixed )
Is there any method or VI that i can use it with pattern matching function ?
whenever the changing size of the logo , the Vision can also find this logo sucessfully
thank you for your help
best regards
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Hi Shing,

What you are proposing is dependent on the complexity of your logo.  NI Vision has two similar functions: Pattern Matching, and Geometric Matching.  Pattern Matching does not support scalability.  Geometric matching does, but if your logo has lots of color changes or grayscale, you may run into issues there.  Refer to the Vision Concepts Manual for detailed information on these processes.  For your particular application, I would think that Geometric Matching would be the more appropriate.  Good Luck!

Wes P
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
Wes Pierce
Principal Engineer
Pierce Controls
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