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VME interrupt in LabView


I have a VME card generating VME interrupts. With certain routines I'm able to read and write from that card in LabView. I would need to know when those interrupts happen in LabView. Anybody could help me?

Many thanks!
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Use the Event structures in VISA. You can check out the example VI "VXI/VME Interrupt Event Handler".
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Thanks for your answer!
Wouldn't be more appropiate the example Detect I don't have that one. Could you send it to me?

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That depends on what version of LV you are running. I just opened up my copy of LV 7.1 and took a look at the examples in the browser, but if you have an older copy, the examples could be different - depends on what features were supported when. So, what version of LV and VISA are you using?
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I'm using LV 7.0 and NI-VISA 2.6.1

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You should have the example already - it is part of the distribution. Take a look in examples\instr\visa.llb.

You also might want to upgrade to the latest version of VISA (I am running 3.2). You can download it at (for Windows).

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I found the directory but don't have Detect Could you send me this vi?
Concerning the VISA version, it is not easy to do the upgrade because my computer does not
have ethernet connection. It is strange that I got this VISA version with and brand new
VME-MXI-2 card.

Many thanks for your help!
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It isn't Detect but VXI/VME Interrupt Event, however, just in case, here it is.

The version of VISA you received depends on when the CD was created for that system, so it isn't surprising that it would be an older version. It also isn't necessary to upgrade in order to get it working, just thought I would give you the upgrade link if you were interested.
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I'm trying to generate interrupts with my CAEN V513 module, but the whole thing is not working. The time expires and no interrupt is received. I don't know at which level the problem is. Apart from LabView is there another mechanism (i.e. a VISA session) to detect the VME interrupts?
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Trying running VIC.exe in your NI-VXI software package. If I remember correctly it should have a bus monitor and show you the state of the VME interrupt lines.
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