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VISA ressource name property node shows error -1073807346



I'm using a usb2can adapter and its drivers.

For the connection the driver takes in a string with the name of the connected port, typically COM3 in my case.


To ensure compatibility between machines (won't be operated on the machine I'm using top develop) I'm trying to use the VISA Ressource Name input after renaming my device in NImax as USB2CAN. I was told that you could connect it directly to a string input, but then my driver reads in "USB2CAN" and not COM3.


So I came up with this, which seems a bit complex for a simple operation in the send:


Now that works absolutely fine... in this empty VI. Above you can see two tests, both are fine and give the same result, one is just "automatized".

But for some reason it won't work in another VI, even if those two are on the same machine.

The problems comes from the property node, Labview tells me there is an error with argument 1 and I don't get it.


However, after trying renaming differently my device in NI MAX, I can see these and I don't know why.


Only COM1 and USB2SCAN are connected, so I don't get it.


I'm clearly lacking knowledge in VISA Ressources, and any help would be welcome 🙂




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