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VI library for Agilent DSO7104B



I'm trying to interface my new Agilent DSO7104B oscope with Labview. I've heard from colleges that there should be pre-written VI's to support this, but wasn't able to find anything. Any suggestions or other VI's that are compatible with my 7000 series scope?






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Thanks for the link.


I am new to this, so please bear with me. Will one of these in the library allow me to control the scope via the VI?



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I have no idea.


You just said that you were looking for drivers, so the first thing to do is search all of (not just the discussion forums) for that model number.  A few links came up and that looked the best.


Download them and try them out.

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Yes the driver should come with some basic VI's that allow you to control/read from the instrument as well as a few example VI's.  You will just have to figure out which VI is best for your application.  Hope this helps!


-Cody C

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