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VI error when executing VI with adapter=runtime in Teststand


in the attached screenshot you can see a DotNet.DLL this is executed in a VI.

This VI is called in Teststand.

It is running without problems _direct_ under Teststand with _both_ adapters development and runtime.


But when i execute the sequencefile containing this VI in my custom C#-OperatorInterface then the VI is not working any more.

In the teststand detailed log info i get the attached message (failure_dialog.txt):



Is there something wrong in the way i call the dll-function in labview?

Is there a different DLL search path used in Teststand when using Labview-adapter = runtime?


What can i do to find the problem?


Thanks for help


I have the latest version of teststand labview installed incl. all updateds



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Hi OnlyOne,

I have found an article about solution of this issue. Try to go through that article steps to get your program work. 



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thank you for the link.

I dont have the option to "built a packed project library" as this is since a >10 years working testsystem with lots of custom labview steptypes. The steptypes point to a vi-file. I cannot change alle steptypes to use a file in a packed library.


The problem appears only in two of my steptypes where i import a dotnet dll in the vi and then call the vi in testsstand via API in my OPUI.


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Hi OnlyOne

There's a broken VI showing in your error description, meaning the dependencies are getting broken. You need to build the LabVIEW project's dependencies as packed project libraries (PPL) and then call the PPL from Teststand. 
Refer to these articles below to build and deploy the PPL's. 

TestStand System Deployment Best Practices - NI

Deploying VIs in LabVIEW Packed Project Libraries - NI


Using Packed Project Libraries in LabVIEW Projects - NI



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