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Using SCC protected VIs in a new project, permissions have been lost.

I'm trying to use/modify SCC protected VIs in a new project, but original permissions have been lost. I'm using Labview 7.0 that does not have the SCC option.
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Are you asking how to turn off source control for these VIs? If so, please say whether you originally used the file permissions, or internal locking option? (if you aren't sure, then describe the behavior which occurs when you try to edit them).

Ryan K.
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Hello Ryan,

I am not sure how these were protected when developed. The message "Labview: File permission error" appears when I try to save an edit. I have turned off the internal lock on my Labview software(Security property settings of the VI).


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Okay, looks like they were probably locked using file locking then. This is very easy to undo, simply right click on the VI in windows explorer, select properties and uncheck the "Read-only" option. Windows will also let you undo it for all of the files in a directory by performing the same operation on a directory and saying yes when it asks you if you want to apply it recursively.

Ryan K.
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That was easy....Thanks....GF
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