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Using Labview for data acquisition to determine torque values.

Hi NI Community, 


I am making a VI to determine torque for my certain application. I am using a strain gage to measure my values for torque. I am running into issues of an error 200279 after an extended amount of time (can range from 30 seconds up to a little over 300 seconds before it pops up). I have tried looking up similar scenarios and they have not worked for me such as adding clocks to determine the read rate or playing around with numbers for number of samples per channel in the DAQ Read icon and the rate in the DAQ Sample Clock. I am using a NI 9237 (input module to DAQ continuous bridge completion) as well as LabView 2018. Please let me know if you have a solution.


Thank you

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Hello  jncovsky


There are a couple of best practices you can implement in your code. 

First, you are specifying a smaller sample rate that samples to read. This will cause your VI and HW to run slower. At least aim to have double the sample rate than the samples per read.

Second, you are acquiring and logging data in the same loop. Writing to disk usually has a high time to execute which might be causing your VI to timeout. 


You can consult the Strain - continuous Input Shipping example in LabVIEW to see how the task should be configured.



Diego H

National Instruments.

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