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Using LabVIEW with Canberra DSA-1000 MCA

I need to use LabVIEW to automate control and data access to a Canberra DSA-1000 MCA.  I have created a NI-VISA driver to talk to the device, but I am having some issues getting it to respond to the command I am sending it.


I am sending what I believe is a properly formatted message to it.  I am using command 0x39, Ret Status.  This was the simplest command I could see in the protocol that would return something I could just read as a first test.


I have attached screen shots of the USB decoding on the oscilloscope.  It appears I get an ACK response from the instrument, but I don't get any data back from it.


If anyone out there has experience with this instrument and using LabVIEW with it please let me know if you can help.




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