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Using J1939 with Labview

I am wondering if anyone has any experience using a CAN Bus J1939 with Labview. The interference I have is a Vector Canboard XL for PCI bus.

It will be used for measuring pressures continually throughout a 200hr test. The measurements will be used for data to be analyzed as well as to shut they system down if unsafe pressures are reached. 

Any guidance and information would be greatly appreciated as I'm unsure if this will even work. Thanks!

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Hey Sam711


I think this is what you need:

J1939 Transport Protocol Reference Example


-Andrea G

National Instruments

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Thank-you andmboa7 for getting back to me!


I have tried following the attached document you send me but the issue seems to be they are using NI hardware, which makes it easy to find in LabView. Whereas I am using Vector hardware. Can you recommend anyway of getting the Vector Canboard XL to work with LabView?



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NI generally doesn't write drivers and APIs for non-NI hardware.  Especially if there is an NI equivalent device that is for sale.  There are Vector drivers written by someone not at NI and they can be found here.  I've taken these drivers and cleaned them up a bit too to more closely mirror XNet.  They can be found here in Part 4 on by blog series on CAN.


These drivers wrap the functionality Vector exposes which is basically just for reading and writing raw frames.  You likely can use these function calls, on the J1939 code already linked.  Just replace the calls to read/writing NI CAN frames with reading/writing Vector CAN Frames.

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I have the USB-8473. I just want to read and send very simple j1939 messages.

i' ve installed labview 2017 on a lenova laptop win10. A lot of troubles and errors during installation. I need the frame API and i can't install it. I install ni-can but won't open correctly. When i install labview 8.6 it changes in labview2017.

is there somebody who can tell me the succesfull way? For example: install labview 8.6 from this site, install ni-can from here, then install MAX, install this


please don't tell Things you didn't try. I can install the project on A Windows vista or win10

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I would recommend posting your question in a new thread since this one has been inactive for over 3 months.  It sounds like you may be having bigger issues associated to you LabVIEW installation so I would address that issue first.

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National Instruments
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