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Updating LabView 5 VIs

I'm using a LabView 5 Serial Port Set-Up Vi which refers to two sub VIs which no longer feature in LabView 7.1. When this LV5 VI is loaded LV 7 'converts' it, however, it cannot be saved  because the two sub vi's are no longer valid.
I'm not clear how one is supposed to replace these sub VIs with ones from the VISA palette ( as context help advises). The two VIs in question are 'Bytes at Serial and Serial Port
Please see the included jpeg which illustrates the problem - is it a simple replacement, if so where are the VISA replacements to be found?
many thanks,
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You will still find them here...

C:\Program Files\National Instruments\LabVIEW 7.1\vi.lib\instr\serial.llb

Ian F
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And if you want to replace them, everything is on the Instrument I/O>Serial palette. Use VISA Configure Serial Port, VISA Bytes at Serial Port, VISA Read, and VISA Write.
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