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Unable to get Database Connectivity vi to List Tables of a Filemaker Pro database

Hello Forum,


I've been successful using my ODBC Admin to create a System DSN for a simple Filemaker Pro db on my PC running Windows XP (I wish I could delete my previous post asking for help doing that!).  Now, my LV program successfully "connects" to the db using the "DB Tools Open Connection vi".  However, I cannot get the "DB Tools List Tables" vi to give me a list of the database's tables.  LV just returns an empty string array.  However, I can accomplish other tasks such as listing the columns of a table using the "DB Tools List Columns" vi.


 Any thoughts on why I cannot list the db's tables??


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Hi Andy,


Are you still having trouble getting the "DB Tools List Tables" vi to work?  If so what version of FileMaker are you using.  Also, you said that the "DB Tools List Columns" works for you.  Do all of the other VIs you have tried work as well?

Justin Parker
National Instruments
Product Support Engineer
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Hi NI,


I am still getting a empty string array result when I use "DB Tools List Tables" vi.  I am running Filemaker Pro 10.0v1 and LabVIEW 8.2.  I can get other DB VIs to work just fine, namely: "DB Tools List Columns", "DB Tools Insert Data", "DB Tools Execute Query" and "DB Tools Fetch Recordset Data".  I can obviously work around not having the "List Tables" code, but it makes me wonder where I'm going wrong.



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