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UML Statechart Reference

Just wanted to ping the board and see if anyone could recommend a good UML 2.0 Book, that could be used directly with the Statechart module.

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I am currently reading

"Applying UML and Patterns, An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development" 3rd edition by Craig Larman.

for the purposes of being able to use the State Chart Toolkit. I am only 10% into it but it appears to be working.


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"UML Distilled", 3rd ed. by Marting Fowler gives an excellent overview of all UML 2 diagrams, including (of course) the state diagram. It also has a good discussion about how to use UML in your project.



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My favorite book on statecharts is "Real Time UML" by Bruce Powel Douglass.  Bruce worked directly with the original creator of statecharts, David Harel.  His book spends a lot of time talking about why you would do something in a statechart, not just what the diagrams mean.  He also explains several other UML concepts very well.  He talks a lot about embedded considerations like timing contraints which may not be very useful in your application. 

Another good book on state charts is "Practical Statecharts in C/C++".  The main purpose of the book is too explain the author's implementation of statecharts, so you get a lot of discussion of the low level details of how a statechart works.

Tony Gray

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