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UDP Communication NI-9194 using CPU

Hello, in the past i used a cRIO NI-9065 (with a Zynq SoC) with this chasis it possible to use the FPGA Target + CPU to handle the communications, like in the following example:



Now i need to use a NI-9149 (Ethernet RIO Target) which has the same chip than the NI-9065, but with this chassis is not possible to run the .vi in the CPU, and all the communication blocs are not supported in the FPGA Target:



Does anyone know how if it's possible to use the NI-9194 the same way than the NI-9065 with the CPU + FPGA ? 






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AFAIK, that's the main difference between the 90xx and 91xx chassis'. You don't have access to the realtime OS on them as it is a fixed personality without possibilities to deploy code to. And UDP functions on FPGA level are not implemented, it would be theoretically possible, to do that using the Xilinx IP blocks but considering the chip on them it is likely going to be to much for the FPGA resources.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Thank you very much for your reply.


As i supposed, all clear now. 


Jordi Anglada 

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