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Trouble using DIO write with ELVIS

I am a student currently learning how to use LabView 7.0 with NI ELVIS.  I am having trouble getting the DIO lines to work.  I first tried using the example programs that LabView offered but all I get are errors.  Next I tried using the bypass on the ELVIS and the proper NI VI's in LabView.  I still get no respose, I just don't know if I am setting my VI's up properly.  My initial goal was to access the LED array on the right hand side of the board using the DIO lines.  I know my LED's work but I cannot seem to get any respose from the DIO lines.  Can anyone offer suggestions?
Thank you,
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Hello Chris,

Do you have the NI ELVIS driver? If not, you can download it by visiting our Drivers and Updates page here. Once you have the driver I would recommend that you try the Digital Writer express VI from the NI ELVIS palette. This VI can be accessed by going to your Function Palette and selecting Measurement I/O>>NI ELVIS. If you place the Digital Writer VI onto the Block Diagram in LabVIEW, an NI ELVIS soft front panel should open to allow you to configure the VI. You can also run this soft front panel on its own by clicking on the Run button. With the application running you should be able to toggle the digital lines by clicking the radio buttons labelled line0 through line7.

You can click on OK and the express VI will become part of your Block Diagram. Now, you should be able to programmatically control the digital outputs. I hope this information is helpful. Let us know if you continue to have any problems.

Matt Anderson

Hardware Services Marketing Manager
National Instruments
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