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Trigger to open help documentation bookmarks



I am attempting to link a help document bookmarks (.chm and .pdf) to specific controls and indicators on my front panel. Here are the ideas I came up with. Does anyone have any better ideas? Opening the .chm or .pdf to specific bookmarks is not an issue.


1) When a control is clicked while holding the shift or control key (shift+click or control+click), I have no idea how to get the event structure to excute when a control is clicked with the shift key down and not execute the control


2) Temporarily disable the front panel and click the control, use either mouse location or preferably the event structure would register what control was clicked even though the front panel was disabled


3) Somehow put a link in the Context Help ctrl+H menu? I know you can link a .chm file ( to a VI but can you link a bookmark of a .chm file to a labview control?


I think I would rather stick with 1) or 2) so the user doesn't have to deal with the context help menu. Let me know why you guys think!



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For the first point, if you register for the 'Mouse Down?' filter event, you can discard the actual 'click'. It will also tell you if any of the modifier keys are pressed (e.g. shift, ctrl etc.)


That should at least allow you to get the Shift+Click part working, you could also think about adding something to the run-time menu of the controls (e.g. right click) and have a 'help for this control' menu item.


If you look at the Control Online Help allows you to jump to a specific topic. You could also try adding a #<heading name> to the path...especially if you're opening up a web browser...the web browser will jump to an anchor tag with the heading name. Not sure if this works for .chm files though.

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