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Tree Select: An easier way?

I cant help feeling that i am doing this the long way round.  Essentially i want a tree control with a selectable boolean in it, much like on a custom installer.  The way i have done it is by double clicking and changing the symbol.  Is there an easier way of doing this?  I know i could highlight multiple options or toggle the symbol with the Tab key or similar but ideally i just want the user to click in the box.
Thanks in advance
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The only thing i want to add, is if you want to use single click.... see picture.
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Thanks Pnt,

I had thought of that and i was going to use an event structure in my final design.  Will play around and see what works best.  Problem with the single click is i fear it could be anywhere on the row that would cause the checkbox to highlight... which may be undesireable.  Just cant help feeling that i am doing it the long way round, however there may be no other way. 🙂


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