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Time Based Progress Bar

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Hello all,


Has anyone got any ideas on how to implement a time-based progress bar?


For example if I have a while loop with a wait of 5 seconds the progress bar will fill accordingly and reset on the next loop? 


Examples I have previously seen usualy rely on a for loop with a defined number of iterations rather than time.



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Accepted by topic author quantisedpenguin

So if I wanted, say, to move in 1% increments over 5 seconds, I'd make a For Loop with a count of 100 (giving me 100 increments) and put a 50 msec wait inside it, turning it into a 5 second loop.


Bob Schor

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You'd do the same thing.


You have X amount of time you want to wait for.

You want the progress bar to update every Y seconds.  (Y=1 second?, 1/4 second?  longer?)

# of Iterations = X/Y  with a wait of Y inside the For Loop.

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