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Telnet client

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I have a Telnet service running on a TI microprocessor.  I need to send a hex string to a telnet server. I have opened Simple TCP - Client from the examples. The server is refusing my connection, error 63. I have included my modifications to the example code.

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I see you wired a constant of "23" to the "local port" input on TCP Open, which is probably not what you meant to do. Normally the local port can be left unwired, and since telnet normally runs on port 23, you might have meant to wire this constant to the "remote port or service" input, to which you've wired the string "telnet", which will only work if the telnet server is registered with the NI Services Locator. What happens if you wire the 23 constant to this input instead of the string?

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Error 66

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@Gary_MavSysInc wrote:

Error 66

Connection closed by peer.  This usually occurs when you try to open an invalid port or you did not do a log on process correctly.  Start by setting the remote port to 23, as you were previously told.

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Can you connect to the server with a regular telnet client like the one that comes with Windows?

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My bad, I had TeraTerm open under several other windows connected as telnet to the microprocessor (TI TIVA). Once I selected port 23, as pointed out by artle (sp?) above, the SW started working. I gave mr. artle (SP?) credit for the solution. Thank you all for your help, I greatly appreciate it.

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