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TPC-2512 upgrade questions


1.  i have a TPC-2512 that needs to be reloaded. Where can I find the Windows XPe install? No Windows CD came with the TPC-2512 when I ordered it. It was pre-loaded.

2.  How can I upgrade the RAM memory; I need to go to 2Gb.

3.  I want to upgrade the CF to 16 or 32 Gb. Does the TPC-2512 support these sizes?

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If you need to have the CF card re-imaged with Windows XPe, you will need to send it back to National Instruments through the RMA process.  If you would like to upgrade the memory to 2GB you can do that, however, it will void your warranty.  Also, if you want to upgrade to a 16 or 32 GB CF card, you can do that as well by copying your files over from the 4GB original card.  The new card will not be supported by National Instruments, and National Instruments does not load Windows XPe on to the larger CF card.  


I hope that you find this information helpful.


Brandon Treece

Applications Engineer

National Instruments

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aoa i have ni tpc-2512 touch panel computer ... i got a problem at windows startup n now its nor which requires windows reinstallation ..... how can i reinstall a windows or how ni can help in this regard .. thanks ......aatif 

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Hello aatif,


If you want to reimage your TPC-2512, you will need to call NI for support and send it back through the RMA process. You can call at 866-275-6964 and create a service request to get assistance.

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