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Switching from sinusoidal AC voltage to DC offset

Hi there,

I am attempting to generate a continuous AC sinusoidal signal output which will change to a DC offset when triggered with a push button, and if not triggered will continue indefinitely. Producing the continuous AC signal in a while loop is working fine (using waveform buffer generation (multi) VI), however getting the code to change to a DC offset is proving difficult. 

I have attached an image which shows the idea behind what I am trying to do a bit better. 


The output card is a NI 9263 output card in a cDAQ-9188 chassis. 




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What have you tried?  Attach your VI.


You are basically looking for a case structure that will either output the sine waveform continuously, or output a single value that is your DC voltage.

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Hi there, I have attached my VI in a .zip file. If you have any pointers it would be greatly appreciated!!


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