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Suggestions for replacing out port vi

I  am working at replacing an old computer with a new 64 bit/Windows 7.  Problem is that I can no longer use the Out port vi and wondering if there is any simple way to go about this without having to redesign the complete tester.  Any suggestions for parallel port communication would be great.  I currently use RS232, the parallel port and PCI cards for GPIB and RS232 on the old computer that I am trying to upgrade the system. 

I appreciate any suggestions you may have!!


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Try VISA with a USB to parallel port adapter. I have not used this and cannot recommend a specific make and model.
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There are also numerous inexpensive digital I/O cards that could be used.
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I concur with Dennis. I have used DIO boards of different types to simulate everything from parallel printer ports to microprocessor buses.

The key to minimizing impact is to write driver VIs for whatever hardware that you end up with that are drop in replacements for old VIs.

By that I mean that they not only need to have matching connector panes and terminals, but also perform the same function logically.

How fast does the program need to be able to update the output? The answer to that question will tell you how fast (and expensive) a board you will need.


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