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Subvi Loading when Main application is opened

Hello, I have a main application which I would like to sometimes launch a subvi which adds some additional calculations. My problem is that when I load the main application, the subvi loads aswell. I can close it and then it works fine to open and close etc. I have unchecked all the subvinode setup attributes as well as the vi proporties but this does not seem to change things. I have attached a pic of the vi hierarchy and the subroutine shows a red highlighted thread from the main application, not sure what this means. Any help would be appreciated!!
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WHat you will have to do is better show a snap shot of your main Vi block diagram for better understanding,may be one more thing have u checked the radio box in the vi propertise which says open and close when called.
else just attach your vi may be we can help you in this.
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Hi, I have attached a back panel view of the Vi and it's properties, the subvi which I am trying to load is in the case structure. These are the current settings I am using and now it seems to not open the subi when it loads but now another problem. If I use the boolean control to open the vi it trys to open but sits underneath the main vi and does not respond to any actions. Everything works great until I build the application then it goes wonky!!
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so your first problem is sloved,now what may be the solution for your next problem is that you have made the main VI front panel as dialog or stay in front,by this what happens is you will not be able to load any other panel,so make sure you have the stay on top or modal for all the panels or else for none of the panels,by this you will have only the panel which you want in front as stay on top so till you close that particular one you will not be able to go to the next,this will solve your problem i hope.
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Thanks, that seemed to do the trick! I changed all vi's to modal and now it runs smoothly, thanks for your help!
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