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Sprinkler Design Pattern

hi all,
I am preparing for the CLD. I would like to know which design pattern is suitable for sprinkler controller?
My opinion state machine pattern not suitable.
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Why do you think a state machine is not suitable?

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I cant get this idea thats why.
When timer runs . if rain selector or low waterpress detected (fp event) should stop the timer.
any thougts?
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Use rain selector and low water pressure as inputs to the timer state, along with the timing information of course. Then timing stops when the specified time has occurred, or one of the other inputs is outside the designated range. The next state may be different for each of those conditions.  This is the power of the state machine architecture, that it can respond to inputs differently based on the current state.



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Dear Lynn,

As you suggested its a good idea. will make a try. 

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