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In polar coordinates (r, theta) a particular spiral is defined by the relation r = theta, where 0 <= theta <= 6pi. Build a VI that uses a Formula Node to Describe this spiral in terms of Cartesian coordinates (x,y) and then displays the spiral on an XY Graph. 

The book I'm using taught us how to use an XY Graph but I'm not sure how to get a spiral into it.. Any ideas?

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An XY graph is just an accumulation of XY point pairs.  Look in the example finder for the different ways to wire data to an XY graph.


The rest was given to you by telling you to use a formula node.  I guess since this is homework they are telling you to use a formula node as any real LabVIEW programmer would use native LabVIEW functions.


You'll want to look at the help for a formula node as well unless they covered that in class well enough.

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