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Short keys for Resize objects menu on front pannel

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Hello Guys, does anyone know how to set the short keys for resize objects menu on Front Panel?

This one is used quite often when I design the front panel for User action.



thanks & best regards!


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You can find the short keys for LabVIEW from below link:


As far as I can see, I dont see a option to set width and height of control or indicator

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The QuickDrop AlignElements by MNProjects adds this functionality.



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Hello Kelvin, 


Thanks for your reply, that's pretty help a lot.


And how about "Resize objects" menu which locate on the right side of align elements? 


When I design UI interface, I need to click "set width and height" icon with every control, that's really annoying.


Thanks & best regards!


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Accepted by topic author Chris_Dong

@Chris_Dong wrote:

And how about "Resize objects" menu which locate on the right side of align elements? 

Two options:


  1. Modify the plugin and add to it code to control this. This is actually slightly complicated, as there is no standard way to set the width and height and each class has its own properties for this, but I believe this should be doable with a call to a specific function. See this old example. Note that you have to change the DLL call to point to "LabVIEW", so that you get the correct version of LV.
  2. The LV dialog is actually a VI, so you can just call it yourself, either from that plugin or from another QD shortcut. It's in <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\Resize.llb

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Thanks a lot, I just take the option 2 and made some modification with resize.dll.

Now it's works well.


Guys, thanks again for all your great support.


Best regards!


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Another option you might like is having a floating VI which will give you access to commonly used tools, which you can activate based on which VI has the focus. See scripting.vit of the scripting springboard for an example of how something like this can work. You might want to enable VI scripting in the LabVIEW options dialog (VI Server page) to get access to more useful features.

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