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Setting the Serial Start Bit?

How can you set the Start Bit using NI-VISA ?  If you can't do this thru LabVIEW, how can you see what setting is used???
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What do you mean by "setting the Start Bit"?  I don't think there is any setting.  A start bit is just a start bit.  You can change the # of stop bits to 1, 1.5, or 2 and you can do that in MAX and with the VISA configure serial port function.  (where 10 means 1, 15 means 1.5, and 20 means 2)
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Yeah, you are right.  I just talked to a Hardware Vendor and he said start bit is always there, and not configurable.  It is what tells the terminal how wide the bits are, etc.  Thanks anyway!
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Seems about right. I found this KB: Measuring the Output of a Serial Port for Low Level Analysis. If you take a look at the examples at the bottom, it just re-iterates what you said earlier.


Nick D.

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