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Sequence execution



I want to create several steps

First ... add to numbrers ( and see the result in the front panel)

Then.... after a few seconds..... ( 5 for example)... the result of the the addition.... add it to other number.



But i want to see in the front panel... in steps.... fthe first addition... and see the result..... then the second addition... and see the result.... but when i do shows me the two results at the same time.... I want like a slower execution... How can I create this???

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See the attached image.  You need to add a wait function in between your two operations.  I don't usually recommend using the flat sequence structure but since there is no better way to force the wait to occur in the correct place using data flow, the flat sequence is necessary.



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Im using Labview. 8.0 does it works too??
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You bet, wire it up and ask questions if you have any.
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Thanks... it works fine. I have another cuestion

I want to run my vi and  I want a matrix prestablished... I mean I dont want it to be emtpy every time i run the program... How can I filll the matrix with certain values...thet when I run the program is allready filled???

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You could turn your VI into a SubVI and pass the prefilled matrix in as an input.  Perhaps you could give me some more info on the application.  Is this VI part of a larger program?  Is it a stand alone VI?  What do you want to populate the matrix with?  Exactly when do you want to populate the matrix?
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sequences are evil


study the state machine design pattern and use the states as the steps in the sequence  that way you can edit your sequence very easy

- James

Using LV 2012 on Windows 7 64 bit
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Stacked sequences are always evil.  Flat sequences are not always evil.  I agree that using state machine architecture is the way to go, but for applications like the one above where a wait function needs to be added between two functions it doesn't make sense to use a state machine.
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all the more reason to use a "Wait"  state in a state machine


you may have many places where you want to wait between execution steps and this way you can just pass a value to one timer instead of having X number of timers in your program





- James

Using LV 2012 on Windows 7 64 bit
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Hi: This is what I want to do with the matrix. Everything has to be shown in slow sequence like you told me before.


The goal is to implemet Hamming Coding.


1. Create a 4 bit long message ( done) from 0000 to 1111

2. "Create the Generation Matrix". I dont want to create the matrix per ce..... It has to be allready made...But I want to show it in the front panel. How can I fill this matrix or call it?? or do I have to call the values from excel ( if thast the case how do I doit?

3. Afterwrds, the 4 bit long the generation Matrix are multiply.... and the the rows add themself in modulo 2 ( exclusive or)... the goal is to create te codeword......


I know haow to do the spets... 1 and 3.... but the thing is the G matrix... how to call it??? or fill it... wit the values I want....and then... start with the operations.

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