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Sending data from one station to another via LAN



I have to create a test system for flashing and maintain the data of the same in a database for various DUTs if the flashing Passes or Fails. Post Flashing the device is moved to another test station where various Test are to be performed. Both the station computers are connected via LAN. 


After I complete Flashing I am supposed to send the Device ID and the Result of Flashing to the next station. The following should allow testing of the device only if the previous step has passed.


1. How can I share data between the two computers over LAN?

2. What is best easy to implement solution?

3. Is it possible create a local SQL database and share it over LAN?

4. In case I decide to send a file instead how I manage it if both the systems are active simultaneously?



Linus Koli


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Hi Linus,

Option 1 :

You can install MYSQL or SQL Server on a separate PC or existing tester.

For simplicity consider your database table consist of serialno,status,stationid 


Whenever a station completes testing it will update the DB with serial no , status and which station it is.


Before testing  can start on any station the application can query from the DB and check if the serial no was passed for previous stationID.


This works over LAN ( assuming all PC in same network).



Option 2 :

Client - server - TCP/IP over LAN


The server will have the DB ( it can be access file also) which reads/updates the DB based on inputs from the clients.


The client ( each stations) will request data from the server before starting.

The clients ( stations) also willl send testing status to server for update.


Hope this helps.


Ravi Shrigiri


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I think that there are several questions that need to be asked here before reaching a solution. Your original question just asked about sharing status. If that is the primary goal then sending simple messages via TCP or UDP would be suitable. However, if there is datalogging at any of the stations (which I would assume that there is) then you want to have a central location for the datalogging. It still may be appropriate to send a message to the next station rather than having it query the database if a simple PASS/FAIL is all that's needed.

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