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Saving dynamic data

Hello All

I am very new to Labview so please forgive me if this has been asked many times... I did search. Basically I am controlling and instrument and also doing some data logging using Labview. At the moment I have two thermocouples connected to a DAQ board which are producing dynamic data that I am recording via the Labview Measurement VI. I also have a very sensitive scale connected via the COM port that I am using as a load cell. The load cell is producing string data. I need to simultaneously record all the data against time. Therefore I have converted the string data from the load cell to array data and then to dynamic data and recorded all of the data, including thermocouples, into an *.LVM file using the LVM VI.

The problem I have is that the load cell string data displays the letter "g" after the reading if the reading is stable, which displays on the fronmt panel indicator I have setup but is not recorded in the *.LVM file. Does anyone know how to overcome this so that I get all the data including the "g". Any help is really appreciated as I have a limited time frame to complete the data logging phase of this project.

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I don't work with LVM files, but I think you converted your string data into numeric data in order to save it and that is what caused you to lose the "g". I think you may be able to use the comments part of the LVM file to write the "g". The other option would be to use the regular Write to Spreadsheet File, but you will have to play with your data to get it to fit. You will also need to modify the VI to process strings. You can find the istructions on its block diagram.

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If you wire the g into the comment, it will be saved with the data.

Hope that this helps,
Bob Young
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