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forn an application,

i have to use SMTP protocol for sending the message, can you guide me on that, how to message using SMTP protocol and what mail server can be used



Prashant Soni
LabVIEW Engineer
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Didn't you ask this same question 6 months ago?


As an employee of an alliance member claiming to have certified engineers, you should have the resources with your organization to answer this question, or be able to get help directly from NI if necessary...


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And as I had noted in that post from six months ago, learn to search, as your question has been asked many times and has been answered many times. If you have a specific issue, then indicate what the specific issue is rather than asking something general about how to send emails with LabVIEW.

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i haven't ask any question related to SMTP before 6months, previously i was working on SNMP so i took help of NI FORUM, and i am clear about that.

i am good working on that.


Prashant Soni
LabVIEW Engineer
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Your question 6 months ago was about sennding an email - "Whenever any alarms generate, a email will be sent to concern person." You later asked about the server, just like this thread. You were also given the answer about the server.

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actually i have to get information about mail server so i asked, may be my way of asking question is not right.


Prashant Soni
LabVIEW Engineer
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And you were told 'It is your SMTP server provided by your internet provider.".


If you want to use your email server, ask your IT person for the server name. If you want to use a client's, ask their IT department. If you want to use something like gmail, check the link in your earlier question and do the recomended search

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