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Runtime error when using Open Config Data VI in an executable

I use the Open Config Data VI in my application and it work fine when running from within LabVIEW. It tries to open a config file and if it does not exist it creates one. I built an executable from that application and when I start it I get an error saying:
Error 7 occurred at Open/Create/Replace File in Open Config>  Possible reason(s):
LabVIEW:  File not found. The file might have been moved or deleted, or the file path might be incorrectly formatted for the operating system. For example, use \ as path separators on Windows, : on Mac OS, and / on Linux. Verify that the path is correct using the command prompt or file explorer.
NI-488:  Non-existent board.
When I click continue the error keeps returning and I have to kill the executable form Windows Task Manager.
Can anyone tell me what is wrong?
Thanks in advance.
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I just found out that "Current VI's Path", which I use, gives the path only under LabVIEW but it gives the path + executable name in an executable. That's where the problem is...
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Hi Bart

This is normal behaviour.
In openG you have a vi that resolves to an inifile and takes into account the .exe,.llb or .vi where it originates from.

greetings from the Netherlands
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