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Running two VI's simultaneously

I have two VI"s- one for a motion controller and one for a amplifier. I need to see the changes in measurement due to movement of motor. I have stacked both the VI's in one panel. Will I be able to run both the VI's simultaneously ? If not please suggest me solutions if you have any.

Any suggestion will be much appreciated.



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Unfortunately, insufficient information, maybe you can, maybe not, it depends.


Please provide all information

  • Motion controller - make, model, manual
  • Amplifier - make, model, manual
  • Please attach the VIs
  • Any NI hardware involved?
  • How are things wired up? - exact connection
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I am using a newport 8742 motion controller to move mirrors sideways. The movement of the mirror causes change in the signal that the amplifier-Zurich labone lock in amplifier recieves. I need to start and stop both the instruments simultaneously and track changes in the signal.

I have attached the VI's.

Thank you for your suggestion.


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Yes, no... maybe?


Honestly you should be able to run any number of VI's at the same time. The hard part is it they have to communicate with each other or have some sort of data dependency between them, and stopping them both at the same time.


There are several ways to handle these common issues. 


You should try it and then come back with any problems you ran into.

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Yes? Multithreading and the ease of it is one of LVs strength. If they don't have any dependencies or HW conflicts it's as easy as having a Main vi and placing them both in it.

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Thank you all for your suggestions.

I was able to run both VI's in conjunction just by stacking them in a single block panel as I had said in my first question.

Any suggestions on how to stop both the VI's at once?



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Here's some ideas...


Stopping Parallel While Loops in LabVIEW with One Stop Button

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