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Run-time 2012 min no longer supporting active X controls?

I have an application using active x controls to communicate with another program. Until LabVIEW 2011 now I installed the 'min' run time environment, as the target system is an Windows embedded platform and the application worked fine.


Trying to update to LabVIEW 2012 having the LV 2012 RTE min installed I got an error message running the applications (see screenshot attached). After installing the full run time environment the application is working.


The bad thing about this new behaviour: The full RTE installer LVRTE2012f3std.exe is 231 MBytes while LVRTE2012f3min.exe is just 30 MBytes. As mentioned above running from CF card on an embedded system this makes a big difference in disk usage (and might change performance as well). In fact this might disable me from further updating the compiler in this application, raising the need to keep LV2011 development system installed on my PC forever.


Can anyone confirm this change?

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maybe a mass compilation could resolve the problem. You can find this tool under "Tools->Advanced"

Can you reproduce this behaviour on another system?



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