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Retriving live data frm FTP.

We are doing some data anaylis for solar power outputs.
Omron Data Logger will log the datas into webbrowser .
Is there a way that we could read the datas value directly fromFTPconnection.
I dont think you all can acces to my FTP link as it has location restriction.

i will upload  the picture of how our values are looks like and the values will be updating every 5-10s.
can someone give suggestions onthis?thanks

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You didn't say specifically, but does the Data Logger also put the data to a file on the web server? If so, then yes, you could use LabVIEW to FTP the file over to your local machine. (You could also use LabVIEW with a browser control and parse the data but that becomes a more involved exercise).

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Please clarify which protocol you're trying to use.  Are you trying to retrieve the data from the web page, which would be HTTP, or are you trying to retrieve the data from somewhere else, in which case FTP might be appropriate?  How does the web page retrieve the data from the sensors?  It might be easier to bypass the web page entirely and talk directly to the sensors, if that option is available to you.


It is probably possible to retrieve the data directly from the web page, if it uses HTTP and not HTTPS (secure); the challenge will be parsing it out properly.  VIs in the Internet Toolkit can retrieve the source of a web page; if you do not have the Internet Toolkit, the Datasocket Read function can also do this.

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Omron data logger give us control and monitoring system via network which is

It will display the valuse like the picture i uploaded.
which will keep update the values. 

we intented to read that values from web directly and show it on our front panel. as indicator (thermomet, meters)
we have problem in reading that values live.

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I think its its HTTP. 

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Have you looked at the manual for your datalogger?  Can you provide a link to it, or at least the model number?  Does it offer an easy way to retrieve the data other than through the web?


Does your LabVIEW program need to manipulate the data, or simply display it to the user?  If all you need is display, you could embed Internet Explorer in your front panel and use it to display the web page directly.


Have you looked at the HTML source code for the web page to see how it displays the data, and whether there's an easy way to extract it?

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WE only need it to display only. 
no changes.
but we prefer customizable indicators, such as thermometer for temprature. rather than just embeded in.

OMRON DATAlogger model is ZR-RX45

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Omron's web site appears to be horribly broken at the moment and the only information I've been able to get is this datasheet (it looks like the manual might be available as well but only if I register on their site, which I don't want to do right now).  It appears that the RX70 has a built-in FTP server but the RX45 does not.  However, there's also a note that says it supports real-time data gathering in a PC, which I believe is what you want to do.  Please read the manual and investigate your options; if you need help, please quote the relevant section of the manual.

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there is a realtime data gathering but we need to use a data procceser as buffer.
what we wnat is we ant to monitor the readings from somewhere far away.
ffro,, FTP conenction we can downloat the .GBD file. we have to convert it into CSV file, then we can display datas.
we are finding out waysto get live data. from browser.

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What do you mean by "data processor as buffer"?


You need to understand the difference between FTP and HTTP (web).  These are different protocols.


Can you connect to the data logger over FTP, or only from a web browser?  The datasheet to which I linked earlier does not indicate that there is an FTP server on your logger, but that datasheet may not be complete.  Where are you getting a GBD file?  Do you have the format of that file?  If you do have an FTP server available, the Internet Toolkit includes FTP VIs which will make it easy to retrieve the file.


I still do not understand why you are insistent on using the browser.  If the data logger supports real-time data gathering over ethernet - and it appears that it does - then that is probably easier than trying to parse a web page.  You have access to the logger over the web, so you should be able to access it using another protocol as well - for example whatever protocol is required for the real-time data gathering.

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