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Reset chrono, run audio in 5 and 15 minutes

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all well; I need help please.
I want to do this:
Chrono starts when I click on the START button.
When the timer is equal to 5mn I want the audio 1 to start (automatically without button press)
When the timer is equal to 15 minutes I want the audio 2 to start (automatically without pressing any button)
After the audios are launched only we can click on stop so that all the buttons are desabled and the timer restarts.

Can you help me please I just discovered Labview


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I would start with some basic LabVIEW tutorials.


Your current code makes absolutely no sense. Is it based on something you found in the forum? (Where?)


  • Use linked tunnels to wire the two orange wires across all event cases. Currently, they will reset to zero after 100ms in the timeout case.
  • Dividing milliseconds by 1000 (resulting in microseconds) makes no sense if you later subtract it from milliseconds.
  • I would recommend to keep everything in seconds and use "high resolution relative seconds".
  • It is easier to program if the front panel elements are not scattered all over the place.
  • You should not have lengthy code inside event structures.
  • Your VI cannot be stopped.
  • See if you can get a minimal version together and post back if you get stuck.
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Hello altenbach

Thanks for your answer. I looked at the documentation over the weekend and some examples.
I succeeded in starting the timer again.
My concern is now how can I play an audio file when elapsed time =5 and the second audio file when elapsed time =15 (all this I have to do in the Stop state).
After the two audios are launched when I click on start again all buttons are enabled
My code is probably not great, but I just need someone to tell me how to do it and I'll get better with time.
PS: for the state machine I respected the structure imposed.
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