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Resampling an X,Y Array(Graph)

So i have an X and Y array that are the limits of a mask.

What i want to do is take these X,Y arrays, and build a waveform of same dt as my waveform graph plot so that i can insert it into my waveform array and have my mask graphed with my plots.

Are there any simple ways to do this in Labview other than writing code that resamples it manually?(Taking slope between 2 points, etc)...

PS - I have to do this because Labviews Limit testing VI's are limited to 1 Top & bottom mask, but mine has 2 eye masks it must pass as well.
So i am 'graphing' the masks as waveforms to get a clean looking picture of the overall test(hundreds of waveforms overlayed onto the same mask).
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As per my understanding;

Do you need to realign and resample your signal?

Did you tried "Align &" in the express>>signal manipulation  palette

hope it helps


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Well the problem is, its not a signal yet.

The mask is made up of 5 or so points in the X,Y plane, without a consitent dT.

So i cant just plug the X,Y coordinates in and get a labview waveform & use their resampling tools. Because to create a waveform you have to give it a dT and Y, and it will just space my points dT apart rather than how far apart they should be.

Does that make sense?

Basically if i can find some way to create a waveform with a non-uniform dT(give it the X points that correspond to the Y) i could do this easily..but i cant figure out how to do that.  All i can do with my X,Y points is graph them on a X/Y graph as far as i can tell...
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Do you have the Vi where you are trying to do it?

I am sorry as I am unable to understand your problem from the description.

1)You have a XY graph

2)You want to create a XY graph with non uniform dT(???)

Does that summarise your problem

Using Labview 5.1,6.1,
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Unless I grossly misunderstand the problem, I believe the Get Waveform Subset should do the trick.
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I will see if i can make it alittle bit clearer thanks for the help 🙂

I have 2 arrays. 
One with X coordinates and 1 with Y coordinates.

I want to turn these X,Y coordinates into a Labview "waveform" type so that i can graph them using a waveform graph.

For example my mask is


As you can see my dT is different between every point.  In the end all i want to do is get these points on a plot with the same dT as my captured waveforms(1E-10).  But i cannot do that until i take those points and resample them into a waveform with dT=1E-10, but you can only resample waveforms.
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In reality i dont even need to resample the Mask

Because i forgot Labview will automatically let me graph waveforms of different dT in a waveform graph.

So the only real problem is turning X,Y points of differing dT into a labview waveform type.
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So you need plot X and Y against dT


Look for XY in example vis(Goto 'help;  >>>'find examples' and search 'XY Graph'(


In this example instead of the constant integer that is wired to shift register wire your 'dT' values.

Use the "Array of points(multiplot)" for your proble.


I hope it solves yopur problem


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Well that sorta helps, but it gave me an idea how to do it myself.

Basically i take my X points, divide the difference between 2 points by dT to see how many new samples ill have.  Then i divide the difference in my Y's by that value, and starting at the first Y increment up to the 2nd. Rinse and repeat through each of the 4-5 Y points and i have a waveform made with my X,Y coordinates with dT spacing 🙂

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