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Repairing DAQmx

I have a test application which has been running for several years.

A technician opens MAX once a month to perform PM.

Recently he found it would crash upon opening ( the kind of crash where Windows asks if you want to send the details)


I did a Windows repair and the problem remains. My next step is to reinstalling the appropriate DAQmx software.

I'm just wondering if doing an install over the existing installation will a) install 'correctly' and b) create any problems with the current hardware.

I'm aware some setting may need to be manipulated, but will the cards be detected and functional just as they would had I installed DAQmx and then

installed the hardware ?


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Hello, Alan!


I would not expect to see any issues if you are only re-installing DAQmx - new NI drivers automatically replace the files and functions in their older counterparts. However, if you are re-installing LabVIEW and other National Instruments software, you should do so according to the following article:


Order of Installation for Multiple National Instruments Software and Hardware Products


Have a great weekend, Alan!

Will Hilzinger | Switch Product Support Engineer | National Instruments
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