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Renaming/deleting a shared variable

I have a poorly named shared variable in a project, which is deployed to a number of customers (e.g. I cannot manually access machines)

I would love to rename this variable so that it makes more sense, however I cannot see a way to do this.

I can create a new one and update all references to it in my project. Then when I ship the new version of the exe it can deploy the new variable. However, the old one would still exist and may add confusion. So:

1) Is there a way to programmatically delete a shared variable on the local machine (apart from DSC module)

2) Is there a way to programmatically rename a shared variable (I think no, I saw a declined idea for this)


Note - I do not have DSC module, so I can't use the VI in that toolkit.

If the answer to my questions is no, that is fine, I just want to know.

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There is no programmatic way other than DSC module that I know of.


There is one other manual way - you can edit/rename/delete deployed shared variables using NI Distributed System Manager ( - should install by default with your LV). Right-click on the variable and select "Edit Variable...". However, you still need a network access to the machine to do this.

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