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Remote Front Panel on Computer with Apache Installed


Can I use LabVIEW Remote Front Panels on a computer that also has apache installed or would LabVIEW's webserver conflict with apache? If so, what if any special steps need to be taken? I use my pc for web development and I now have labview installed as well and I want to investigate developing a LabVIEW application  that makes front panels available. I don't want to risk messing up my apache installation and interrupt web development. Thanks for any information anyone has to offer.

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The only thing you need to consider is the ports used by LabVIEW for the remote front panels and Apache. Apache normally uses ports 80/8080 for HTTP and 443 for HTTPS.


Apache won't start if the ports needed are in use so you'll be able to tell pretty easily if something isn't working (by trying to start Apache and it failing).



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I did find this knowledgebase:

But the title and question are terrible and the picture in the article doesn't show up. It looks like everything should work fine using both Apache and LabVIEW web server if they're set to different ports. It looks like the default port setting of 8080 for 'Application Web Server' will conflict with Apache's default settings which use ports 80 and 8080 I believe. 


I don't understand why the available port settings for lab view are broken up between a configuration form within labview and a web page.

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