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Red tick on front panel of client VI unable to sort problem

Hi I am having a problem with a client\server application. I am running a Periodic I/O server and have created my shared variables. When I create my client VI I am getting a red tick instead of green, can anyone give me some ideas as to what I am doing wrong.
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Check to make sure the variables' libraries are deployed.

Check to make sure that the firewalls on the computers are not blocking each other.

Tim Elsey
Certified LabVIEW Architect
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Hi Spar,


Thank you for contacting National Instruments. I wondered if you could give a little more details on your application so we can try and work out what is going on. You mentioned about your Red tick on the front panel, could you possibly attach a screenshot of what you are seeing and perhaps attach your project, if it is not too big. 


Many thanks,

Andrew McLennan
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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