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Real-time watchdog

Hi everybody!

   I wasn't able to find documentation, example, and on-line help for Real-Time watchdog VIs.

   I mean the ones in the picture;   functions --> Real-Time VIs --> Real-Time Watchdog



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I don't seem to have any either, but looking at the context help for these functions should be enough - You configure the watchdog once with a timeout and a desired action and then you whack it in a loop. If you fail to whack it and the timeout passed, the desired action will take place. That means that if you set the action to a reset and the timeout to 10 seconds and 10 seconds have passed without you whacking the dog, the RT module will be reset.
Using the advanced VIs is more complex, but you can see examples for that inside the regular watchdog VIs.

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For examples that show how to use the hardware watchdog, refer to the RT Watchdog (PXI).llb file installed under \\examples\Real-Time

in the LabVIEW directory


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Interesting, why don't these examples appear when I search for "watchdog" in the example finder?
How does the example finder index the examples?

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Hi everybody, and thanks!

   Thank you, tst, that's the behaviour I'm expecting from a watchdog! But my problem is that I'd like some NI examples, or help!!! Because, exept for context help (poor), there's nothing for these components, and I think the PXI example doesn't fit......

   Anyway, should I put the whack VI in a TIMED loop? In my application I've some concurrent loops, it is sufficient to create another, or maybe should I just put whack VI in an existing timed loop???? Any idea about good programming technique?


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   I've got it..... a simple example I created to show watchdog behaviour..... I share it mainly to receive a feedback from other users...

   In this example, the RT watchdog VIs are used, only take care to set the right IO point for your module!

   have a nice day.

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Thank you very much your comments in your code helped me greatly! Smiley Happy

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