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Real time control

Dear all,
I am building a Labview 8 program using PCI 6259 card,  input an analog signal, then make a judjement, output a 5 V signal (AO). But I can not adjust the delay time between the input and output.  I am a new user, where can I find such examples? Thanks very much!
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how fast and accurate do you want to control the delay between the input and output?
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It's quite slow, generally less than 1k Hz. Thanks. 
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Thank you for posting to the NI Discussion Forums. 
Can you explain what type of 'judgement' you are making?  Does this mean that if the analog input signal is above a specific value, then you will output a 5V signal?  Do you output the 5V signal regardless?  Can you explain your end application so we can help you in a more specific way?
In terms of finding good examples, I would recommend exploring the NI Example Finder.  This can be found from either your block diagram or the front panel by clicking Help>>Find Examples.  Then, once the NI Example Finder window is launched, please navigate to Hardware Input and Output>>DAQmx.  Here, you will be able to navigate to numerous examples that pertain to DAQmx.  If you want to find more about analog input, please select Analog Measurements and feel free to explore. 
Let us know more about your application and we will be happy to help you out further!
Brian F
Applications Engineer
National Instruments
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