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Reading in multiple files

I've seen some of the multiple ways to read in multiple files but still unclear, so my procedure involves reading multiple data files at one time and then computing various variables from these files and saving these files as one file without having to manually click on each file as usually the indication  when using the read spreadsheet vi..any help or sample code on this problem would be very helpful. Thanks for the time and considerations.
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Hello Schola,
I'm not sure I quite understand your question.  From what I understand, you are trying to complete the following steps, in order:
1.  Read in multiple spreadsheets of data.
2.  Perform calculations on this data.
3.  Write the calculations to a different spreadsheet file.
At which point in this process are you having trouble?  There are multiple examples if you go to Help>>Find Examples and search for spreadsheet.  If you are trying to prevent the user dialog that asks which spreadsheet you would like to open, you can create constants on the block diagram with the file names.
Janell R | Applications Engineer

Message Edited by NIJanell on 03-12-2007 03:06 PM

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