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Reading a .wmv audio file using LabView and enabling it when pin7 is true. Pic included.

Im trying to play an aduio file using Labview 2010. I also want it to play when eDO is enabled. How do i do that? thanks in advance

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Hi Spaaw, 


I am going to need a bit more information regarding this. What is the purpose of your LJUD eDO subVi? When you say that you want the audio file to play while the subVi is enabled, what do you mean? You can put the "Play Waveform" function in your LJUD eDO subVI if you want it to play after that subVi is initiated. Is the "Play Waveform" function working for you otherwise?


If you could attach the actual Vi instead of a screenshot or a screenshot of the inside of the LJUD eDO subVi that would be most helpful.


Thank you very much,


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