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Read out the tags of a tree control in serial order.

I am trying to create a simple array representation of a tree that for each row : the level in the hierarchy and the text string of the element. I want to list this in sequential order (as it appears in the tree control when all elements are open). This seems simple enough; however, all the approaches I've tried have just come up short. I tried to read out the tags in sequential order by repeatedlyreading the first tag in the tree, deleting it until all the tags are gone (see attached VI) but so is the rest of the information about the tree. I couldn't figure out how to make a copy of an existing tree. If I could get a sequential lists of the tags, I would be all set.
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Here is a solution, which reads the items of a tree and writes them into an array in the order they are visible in the tree (top - down).

You have the main vi ( where a tree-control and an array-indicator are the only elements. On the diagram the vi is called. Be aware that this vi is in reentrant mode and can not be debugged. It reads the children of a parent node in a recursive way.

Hope it helps.

Using LV8.0
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Thanks - this is exactly what I need.
Nice solution.
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Thanks - this is a big help.
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