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RT Networked Shared Variables do not update

I havew a CRIO 9012 that has code that populates shared variables so  vi on a PC can see the data.
The code on the CRIO appears to run fine, the web interface works like a champ.
When I launch the vi on the PC it does not appear to be recievince data from the CRIO netwrked shared variables.
When i launch the CRIO RT Host VI from the dev envirionment then launch the vi on the PC, the pc application recieves the
shared variables.  But as soon as the CRIO RT host vi is shut down the PC vi stops recieving data.  I know the CRIO is still operating because i can go back into teh web page and see the recent data.....
Does anyone have any ideas on why this situation would occur?
Best Regards
Tim C.
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Try the solutions suggested in the following discussion forum post. The information maybe useful in resolving this matter for you.

I hope this helps!

Mehak D.
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Do not wire shared variables to property nodes of front panel objects on a RT target.  Reason - If the front panel is not open thru the web interface then the front panel is not active and cannot populate the shared variables.


The correct way to use the shared variable on the RT target is to wire it directly to the I/O point or directly after any conditioning vi that directly recives the I/O.


Hope this helps some folks,

Best Regards

Tim C.

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One more part of the solution, at least for my app.
When I build my CRIO startup app I tend to do it with the build spec open and hit the build button,  Before I build i select the shared variable lib
file and send it to the support file pane,  not sure if this really help BUT I have had buggy issues witht ehshared variables not making there way over to the startup data support directory.
Once you create a startup.exe for the CRIO do the following to get things working
1. FTP to the ni-rt startup directory on the CRIO
2.  Del the startup files and support data files
3.  FTP the new Startup.exe and support files to teh CRIO startup directory
4.  Power Cycle the CRIO
5.  Ping the CRIO I.P. using -t suffix
6.  Once you get a reply, Open the Target RT Host VI and hit the run arrow, this will launch the CRIO app thru the dev environment AND
it will also download everything required to run.  Hit the OK button to allow the app to take over the currently running app.
7.  Verify things are running as they should be.
8.  Right click the takbar app title window icon and select close group
9.  Select disconnect and abort,  Then select cancel once the project tries to end
10.  Power cycle the CRIO,  The app should now be fully functional.
I did try deploy all but nothing seemed to get my app working correctly (sendin gshared variable data out of the CRIO) until I did a run app thru the dev environment.
Once you get a CRIO front panel VI properties all setup so it looks the way you want thru the web server go ahead and publish the front panel and download to the CRIO system WWW directory.
NOW if the goal was to have front panel that folks could not start and stop you should have turned off the run arrow and abort button.
But to help touble shoot things you can go back and turn on the run arrow and abort button once you have downloaded the version without the buttons showings.  This way the web page will show up as you want but as you troubleshoot you can still control the FP thru the dev environment.
Hope these tips help
-Tim C.
1:30 Seconds ARRRGHHH!!!! I want my popcorn NOW! Isn't there anything faster than a microwave!
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Hi Tim!

Thank you for sharing your solutions with the NI community!
Have a great day!
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