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REFPROP lookup tables called from labview

Dear all,
I have REFPROP running on the same computer as my labview application. I had originally hoped to have refrigerant properties built in to my labview routine but the data we are dealing with is too close to the saturation line, so the interpolation is a nightmare.
I'm guessing that it's possible for labview to call values from Refprop. Can anyone tell me how to go about doing this. Although fairly proficient in Labview, I have never used it to call data from another program in this way.
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If you do a search for REFPROP, you will find some examples given by DR. Lemmon. I believe that he is the curator and creator of the REFPROP DLL. I am not sure how to give you the link to the thread, but I have posted these in the past for other users.

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Thanks for that. I will check it out.

It doesn't seem to be something that has been done very often, and with any other contacts I have, I haven't received any suggestions.

Thanks again,


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Hi Will,

Today I was trying to use vis prepared by NIST to use with Refprop, but I was really confused about using them. I could not understand the logic of this vis. For example, could I use or prepare a new vi with these one you prepared to read isobutane properties or calculate for a given state point (P,T)? If it is possible, how could I learn and do it? Could you find anything about releated this issue?

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It's a few years since I did this and I'm a little unsure where I got the VI's. I think it was from somoeone else on this thread or (more likely) the other one you have posted to. Check the attachments that other people have posted.


I know that the VI's I got were password-protected so I couldn't change things. I was limited in what properties I could extract. When I tried programming this myself or using the code on the NIST site, the VIs kept crashing so I was doing something wrong.


I think that Greg Sussman was the person who coded and posted the VI's so check his posts. Sorry I cannot be any more use.



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Thank you very much Will. I found the VIs but it is hard a bit to understand. I am studying on them. Thanks again.

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