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Question about graphs

I have a application which I start to develop.
The principals objectives of this aplication are:
- allow to plot the curves at real time in a graphe(XY Graph, multi stud or waveform Chart, etc.)
- All the curves are available but it is the user who will choose the curves to be posted (using Show).(See
- These curves are traced continuously and to stop the tracing, I must to click on a boutton «Stop», at this moment I can have a choice to safeguard the curves posted in a file, to be able to use it at the time of next the excécution of
My questions are:
1-While considerant I want to plot the curves continuously, I think that I must modify the XY Graphs in Waveform Chart but to keep the same structure, i.e. that the curves are plotted according to the choice of the user. How do I have to make in this moment?
2- In the same way to record the curves plotted in a file, I will not have no idea how to make?
Can you help me , please? I thank you in advance for your assistance!!
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Lets just do this one at a time.

It sounds like you want your users to select which plots they see on your chart at any given time. If so, you can use a property node to select plots to be visible or not visible.

Beyond that...I don't under stand what other options you want to expose to your users so please try to specify.

ALSO: As you have it set up now...your XY graph will only update when you press the "Validor" button since it is in an event structure. Is this what you want?

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